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Without any kind of watermark you can...

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Crop all Your Videos

You can crop your videos removing unwanted parts or changing completely the aspect ratio in any shape you may want. You can use the preset or select the custom option freely.

Crop & Trim Videos - Trim Icon

Trim Your Videos

You can trim your videos to a preset lenght that is normally useful to create memes for the socials or selct you own custom lenght to isolate the exact moment you wish to publish.

Crop & Trim Videos - Enhance Icon

Enhance Your Videos

You can enhance the colors of your video as it is possible to do with Photoshop or other image editor adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma for a 2x visual impact effect

Crop & Trim Videos - No Crop Icon

No Crop Your Videos

You can avoid the default cropping process that the social platform apply to the uploaded videos. You can fill the missing space with blur effect, decorated blur or even your own images.

Crop & Trim Videos - Blur Icon

Blur Your Videos

You can blur your videos in the classical top/down or left/right way or you can create fancy effects with the custom area selection processing just a small portion of it in vertical or orizonthal.

Crop & Trim Videos - Settings Icon

Menage your Settings

You can menage the process settings to adapt them to your needs. You can slow it down to get a better compression or adjust the CRF to balance between the desired quality and the processing time.

Get it totally for Free on Google Play

Get it totally for Free on Google Play

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Francesco T.

I have managed with good success different digital projects. I like to test in first person the products when ready and answer, when possible, to the users. I think that fighting in the first line can make a huge difference.

Zain A.

Zain A.

I am mainly a Java expert with 10 years of experience in Android development but i can work easily also with swift and most of the web technologies. i have a very good knowledge of the FFMPEG library.


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